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It takes leadership to improve safety.

It is the policy of Williams Construction Services, LLC to ensure a safe, healthful workplace for all its employees. Injury and illness losses from incidents are preventable. WCS employs an effective accident and illness prevention program that involves all its employees in the effort to eliminate workplace hazards.

The safety committee includes employer and employee representatives
who are responsible for recommending safety and health improvements in the workplace. The committee is also responsible for identifying hazards and unsafe work practices, removing obstacles to incident prevention and helping the company evaluate the accident and illness prevention program.


Our Vision

Our vision at WCS is to become the most trusted contractor in the industry by providing the greatest value.

Our Priority

The priority of WCS is to provide fluid delivery of a project from inception to completion through integrity and diligence.

Management Accountability

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Management is accountable for preventing workplace incidents, injuries and illnesses. Management will provide top-level support of safety program initiatives and will consider all employee suggestions for achieving a safer, healthier workplace. Management also will keep informed about workplace safety and health hazards, and it will regularly review the company safety and health program.


All employees are expected and encouraged to participate in safety and health program activities including the following: reporting hazards, unsafe work practices and
accidents immediately to their supervisors or a safety committee representative; wearing required personal protective equipment; and participating in and supporting safety committee activities.

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