Commercial / Industrial

Looking for the right company to trust with the brand-new build of your new business? Look no further – our team of experienced commercial construction specialists are here to bring your vision to life. (Retail, Multifamily Commercial, Industrial Facilities, Factories, Warehouses, Hotels, Aviation and more).


Restaurants have their own set of rules and regulations that vary from residential or other commercial spaces. Restaurant construction requires a deep understanding of all applicable codes, including building, accessibility, and egress. The diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise each member of our design and construction team will help you execute on every aspect involved in creating a successful restaurant, from inception to completion.

Williams Construction Restaurant Construction
Williams Construction Mall Construction

Malls / Shopping Centers

The branding of your mall depends on its tenants, characteristics, and amenities. These incur costs beyond construction, but your branding plans can influence how you build. For example, a mall with small discount stores looks quite different from one with upscale department stores and boutiques. At WCS, our team of consultants can lead you in the right direction and with a full-project-design approach, our commercial construction experts can bring your project to fruition.

Storage Facilities / Warehouses

The efficiency of any warehouse operation is dependent on its layout and design. From manufacturing and assembly to order fulfillment and shipping, a sound warehouse floor plan will help you minimize costs and maximize productivity. Before launching your warehouse design and layout planning process, we consider your needs—from space utilization, storage options, and productivity equipment to aisle layout and production area workflows. We also keep your business inventory management systems in mind, as your layout will impact your ability to manage inventory effectively.

Williams Construction Warehouse Construction
Williams Construction Hotel Resort Construction

Hotels / Resorts

The extravagance of every Hotel begins with the architectural design of the building itself, as this will be the first major decision you’ll have to make during the developmental phase. Choices about the materials that will be used to construct the hotel, where those materials will come from and the total physical footprint of the hotel will also influence how significant its impacts will be in the operational stage. This is why choosing the right team for your build is crucial to your establishment’s success. Luckily, our team of experts are here to walk you through the process from inception to delivery.


From designing to constructing Airport Hangars, Terminals, and Airport Entertainment facilities, our team of experts has the necessary experience to take on large aviation projects. The future of mobility is literally taking off. At WCS, our team of qualified professional hold quality, safety and performance to the highest standard.

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