Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing

MEP, or mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering are the three technical disciplines that make a building or residence suitable for human use and occupancy. Think of our MEP engineers as the creators of the building or residence’s nervous system. Due to those three trades being often intertwined, they are often addressed together. This avoids conflicts in equipment locations, a common issue when MEP systems are designed in isolation.


Most of the mechanical design work in residential and commercial buildings deals with HVAC: space heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. Mechanical engineers are responsible for the implementing and monitoring of all mechanical related operations at the site as per approved drawings and methods and safety rules.


Our electrical engineers have many responsibilities on the job site. These responsibilities involve designing, testing, installing, and maintaining large-scale electrical systems that transmit and generate power. Most of the design work in residential and commercial buildings deals with high voltage equipment such as wiring systems, lighting systems, and generators.


Our plumbing engineers are involved with the planning, design and installation of building systems related to plumbing, including water supply and drainage. They also provide support the Civil Engineer for the plumbing systems outside of the building including storm water, sewer, natural gas, fire suppression water, domestic water, irrigation water, and other special water and waste systems.