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Architectural Design

At WCS, whether you’re in need for residential or commercial architectural services, our licensed architects are qualified to handle any project size or complexity. When it comes to building an inspired space, teaming up with the right architects is essential. We know that the path to creating the buildings and designs you envision can be a challenging one. That’s why the whole team at WCS is here to help you navigate through the process and bring your vision to life.

Residential Design 

Our residential architects collaborate with homeowners to design custom homes or make improvements with existing ones. They also work alongside home builders and developers. At WCS, we specialize in custom homes. Whether your style is modern, contemporary, traditional, or your have your own design vision that doesn’t fall into any of these categories, our qualified architects are passionate about bringing your vision to life. 

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Commercial Design

Our commercial architects specialize in larger projects for government entities or businesses. They also work on developing public buildings like libraries, museums, hotels, schools, multi-unit residential buildings, government facilities, shopping malls, and more. Their creativity comes into action by making beautiful buildings that are pleasing to the mass public, employees, and employers among other people. Looking for the right architect for the brand new build of your commercial property? You’re in the right place.