Freshens IAH

We’re excited to share the story behind one of our latest endeavors: constructing the vibrant Freshens at George Bush Airport in Houston. As a general contractor, each project we undertake presents unique challenges and opportunities. Join us as we delve into the journey of bringing Freshens to life within the bustling airport setting.

The project began with a clear vision: to introduce the flavorful world of Freshens to travelers at George Bush Airport. Crafting a space that captures the brand’s essence while adhering to airport regulations demanded a blend of creativity, precision, and innovative construction techniques.

Constructing within an airport environment posed various challenges, each met with innovative solutions:

Space Optimization: Maximizing a confined space to accommodate Freshens’ offerings without compromising functionality was pivotal. Our team meticulously designed a layout that optimized space, ensuring an efficient and inviting environment for customers.

Compliance and Design Fusion: Balancing airport regulations with the unique aesthetic and layout requirements of Freshens was a delicate fusion. Collaborating closely with design teams, we seamlessly integrated Freshens’ identity while adhering to airport standards.

Success in bringing Freshens to George Bush Airport was a result of seamless collaboration. Working hand-in-hand with architects, engineers, airport authorities, and the Freshens team enabled us to navigate challenges effectively, ensuring a smooth construction process.

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